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Residential Solar Energy

3 Steps to Energy Freedom:

Solar Energy Partners is your neighborhood partner for solar savings. We are one of the highest rated and fastest growing Solar companies on the west coast!

At SEP, we specialize in helping homeowners understand the process and benefits of a solar energy system. We offer a true white-glove service: through our process, we can determine your potential savings, identify tax credits and grants, and handle your installation from start to finish. Going solar could save you up to 35% in your first year alone.

With the growing concern of costly wildfires increasing exponentially, California’s utilities have been taking drastic action; turning off power throughout the state at times of high fire risk. Going solar could save you up to 35% in your first year alone.

We strive to grant homeowners the peace of mind to live their lives without interruption through the power of Earth's most renewable resource.

In a blackout situation, our battery options could keep your family and home safe, and keep you connected to the outside world. If blackouts have affected you recently, be sure to ask about a battery in your initial consultation.

  • Step 1

    Estimate Savings

    We offer a cost free savings analysis for anyone interested in a solar energy system for their home. We provide aerial photos of your residence with computer generated images of the panels on your roof. We will show your your potential savings, as well as what your new system will look like!

  • Step 2


    We make our installation process as quick and painless as possible. We are flexible with the time and days to fit your schedule. Our low disturbance installations allow us to be as unintrusive as possible.

  • Step 3


    By producing enough energy needed to run your home, your solar energy system will remove the hassle of your ever-increasing energy bill. Some of our customers will save hundreds of thousands over their lifetime. It all starts with a cost free analysis from SEP. Schedule your initial consultation today.


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