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By switching to solar, you can reduce the demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink your own carbon footprint.

Just one home installing a solar energy system has a measurable effect on the environment.

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Power Savings

Power Savings

The average household pays hundreds of dollars each month on their energy bill, and are unaware that their annual energy costs increase every single year regardless of their energy consumption.

By switching to solar, you can lock in your energy price and save on average $10,000 to $30,000 over the lifetime of your solar panel system.

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Energy Independence

Energy Independence

Rolling blackouts, energy consumption restrictions, and rising energy prices are all motivators for homeowners to become energy independent.

Take control of your power and become energy independent through solar allowing you to live the lifestyle that fits your needs.

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Solar Energy isn't new, however the technology has changed exponentially since it’s inception. No longer are the panels clunky and unsightly, they are now sleek and add a little extra punch to the look of your roof-line. Everything in life must have a good foundation, and solar panels are no different.

We live in a world where things that seem too good to be true, usually are just that...too good to be true. That alone can raise warning flags, and rightly so. The internet has become a wonderful resource for knowledge and as we all know, knowledge is power.

Listed below is a list of questions and answers to help you better understand how solar energy can work for you and empower you to make a choice that is right for you and for the environment.

Why go solar?
Is solar energy environmentally sound?
will my solar panels produce power on cloudy and stormy days?
does solar work in a blackout?
is there maintenance and what is the cost?
can i afford to go solar?
is my roof good for solar?
how many panels will i need?
will i need a new roof?
how long will my system last?
what happens when i sell my home?
what are power inverters?
what happens at installation?
what is solar monitoring and do i need it?
do i need a battery for my system?